A modular process skid is a process system contained within a frame that allows the process system to be easily transported. Individual skids can contain complete process systems and multiple process skids can be combined to create larger process systems.


Based on the application and design the Modular skids are assembled suitable for conventional and unconventional applications.

The Modular skids are Installed both Brown and Green fields development.

The complete components required in between the wellhead Christmas tree and Process main flow line are assembled in a single integrated unit as a skid.

The Modular skids classified Gas and Oil and Water Injection skids.

The control, Electrical wiring , Flow meters, Instrumentation, Insulation ,Piping with cladding ,Isolation valves and Wellhead control panels, Ventruri ,Multiphase and ultrasonic Meters and chemical Injection skid with Pump and Gas Detectors and control Shelter with Emergency shutdown PLC  ,switch rack Panels ,choke valves are the major part of the skids.  

Gulf Specialized Works more Efficient to meet the client stringent delivery and design requirements and standards.

Modular skids Classified:

  • Gas Modular Skid.
  • Oil Modular Skid.
  • Annuli Riser Skid.
  • Off Plot –Tie In Facilities Skid (OPTF SKID).
  • Power Water Injection skid.